About company

Universal Pharmaceutical Industries "UNIPHARMA" is one of the prominent advanced firms that is specialized in Pharmaceutical Industries in Syria,  UNIPHARMA is a Limited family company established in 1990 according to The Syrian Investment Law No. 10. and which is located in Damascus suburbs. UNIPHARMA is looking forward to achieving this target through its current establishment on about 10,000 sq.m. and its expansion of about 25,000 sq.m., which has already started and will be ready soon.

Construction was performed in compliance with GMP standards set by WHO and per cooperation with experts from the best international pharmaceutical firms, for which UNIPHARMA manufactures their products under license and under direct supervision of them to affirm quality control and quality assurance. UNIPHARMA now is in the final stages to be awarded ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 by SGS  and ISO environment 14001.

Company Profile:
UNIPHARMA operates by balanced system among administration, production, marketing and promotion by applying electronic communication systems and computer programs in most of its activities and trying to develop such systems constantly.
UNIPHARMA products cover most of treatment fields such as :
- Cardio-vascular medicines
- Respiratory Tract medicines
- Central Nervous System medicines
- Dermatological medicines
- Gastrointestinal medicines
- Metabolism Disturbance medicines
- Anti-biotics medicines
- Antiseptics, etc.

 The present production lines at UNIPHARMA are:
- Capsules
- Plain Tabs
- Sugar Coated Tabs & Slow Absorbed Tabs.
- Effervescent Tabs.
- Syrups & Suspensions
- Dermatological + Eye "Creams & Ointments".
- Dent paste.
- Medical shampoo

UNIPHARMA annual production is about 25,000,000 units, and its full annual capacity can reach 80,000,000 units. Of course, the good specifications of UNIPHARMA products comply with the International Norms and specifications, as imports of raw materials are exclusively from the Licensors. Following is a list of them:
- Pfizer U.S.A
- Glaxo Smith Kline U.K
- Abbott Labs U.S.A
- Schering Plough Corporation U.S.A
- Bayer AG Germany
- MENARINI – International Italy
- Bristol – Mayers Squibb U.S.A
- AWD " Germed " Germany
- Sanofi-Aventis France
- Pierre Faber France
- SOLVAY Pharmaceuticals B.V. Holland
- Laboratoires Gilbert Belgium
- Vifor international Inc. Switzerland.
- Orion Corporation Finland
- B G C M I " MEBO " Chine
- HIKMA Pharmaceuticals Jordan
- NOVARTIS Switzerland

UNIPHARMA has been concerned to secure its products for the last consumer at any place in Syria through an integrated distribution net and per compact system that assures full cooperation among its sections; so that UNIPHARMA products are constantly available at the farthest of the distribution channels at all the pharmacies in Syria, in addition to their availability at hospitals, clinics, public and private medical centers; all of which per smooth, easy mechanism that secures constant equilibrium between production and its availability in the market for the consumer.
Marketing and Exportation:
UNIPHARMA, Our firm, and since its establishment has paid special attention for export, noting that this care has continuously increased owing to the constant demand of the foreign markets for our products, which are distinguished by their high quality and assured by accordance with MOH, GMP and GLP Standards.

Also our manufacture under license form many well-known International Pharmaceutical Firms and their valuable contribution by supplying us with the technical assistance and guidance as well as Know How, all of which gave us the basic support to manufacture the most renowned products of our Licensors. (Please revert to the lists of our Licensors and our products.)

Our Firms, UNIPHARMA, is currently exporting to several Arab, Asian and African countries, where our Firm and Products were duly registered. The Policy of our business in the foreign markets depends on the long sighted professional system including distinguished efficient agents, recruiting integrated and professional promotional team well trained and supplied with full skills and special courses for promotion and sales, using the up-to-date methods to follow up and study of the pharmaceutical marketing and sales to ensure the complete contact with the Medical Corps in these countries.

To ensure the satisfaction of our agents, our export department takes care of the various aspects of the process such as scientific activities of marketing, sales and training, as well as supplying our team with the various scientific studies and required documents for the health registration and export of our products per the requirements and conditions of each country.

 We always welcome the firms that are interested in cooperation with us, requesting you to contact Mr. Issam Maatouk, Deputy Chairman or Dr. Ghassan Mohamad Export Manager, for this purpose.

Our mission is to lead the way in the Syrian pharmaceutical industry by:
Using the latest manufacturing processes and standards to manufacture scientifically advanced, high quality, safe, effective, locally-made products at the lowest possible cost.
Employing the widest distribution network to ensure the delivery of the highest quality manufactured pharmaceutical products at the lowest possible cost to our Syrian customers.
Continuing to export manufactured pharmaceutical products to international markets through a professional system that involves using top agents and recruiting a well trained professional promotional team who are up-to-date with the latest techniques for pharmaceutical sales, marketing and market research to best reach medical corporations in each country.

Our vision is to achieve sustainable growth through strong strategic leadership and by maintaining excellence in everything we do.  We aim to maintain our prominent and pioneering position within the Syrian pharmaceutical industry in manufacturing, and distribution.  We will strive to support our customers and exceed their expectations by providing them with manufactured superior products and services that are high quality, effective and safe and offer these products to our customers at the lowest possible cost to satisfy their health and lifestyle needs and aspirations.

We will achieve our mission and our vision through continuous education and organizational learning, the application of new technologies, upholding the best business practices. We will provide our employees with an enjoyable and highly productive environment which will allow them to grow and develop both professionally and on a personal level.  We will seek to gain competitive markets by building a winning network of business partners with long-term relationships based on mutual trust and loyalty.  We will expand existing product lines and create new ones that comply with the conditions of the Multinational licensors