Therapeutic Group: Cardio-Vascular Drugs Chemical Composition: Captopril License by : Bristol-Myers Squibb Dosage form: Tablets
Information about CAPOTEN Dosage:
CAPOTEN (captopril) should be taken one hour before meals. Dosage must be individualized. Hypertension: Initiation of therapy requires consideration of recent antihypertensive drug treatment, the extent of blood pressure elevation, salt restriction, and o

CAPOTEN (captopril) is available in potency of 25 mg and 50 mg, as scored tablets for oral administration.

Indications and usage:
Hypertension: CAPOTEN (captopril) is indicated for the treatment of hypertension,Captopril is effective alone and In combination with other anti hypertensive agents, especially thiazide-type diuretics. The blood pressure lowering effects of captoprit and

Boxes of 10 or 20 tablets of 25 mg or 50 mg. All captopril tablets are white and may exhibit a slight sulfurous odor.