Therapeutic Group: Dermatological Drugs Chemical Composition: Betamethasone Valerate + Gentamicin Sulphate + Tolnaftate + Clioquinol License by : Merck Dosage form: Cream
Information about QUADRIDERM * Dosage:
A thin film of QUADRIDERM Cream should be applied to cover completely the affected area two or three times daily, or as prescribed by the physician. Frequency of application should be determined according to severity of the condition. Duration of therapy

Each gram of QUADRIDERM Cream contains: - betamethasone valerate equivalent to 0.5 mg betamethasone - gentamicin sulfate equivalent to 1.0 mg gentamicin - 10 mg tolnaftate - 10 mg clioquinol (iodochlorhydroxyquin) in a Paraben – and lanolin- free water w

Indications and usage:
Inflammatory manifestations of corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses when complicated by secondary infection caused by organisms sensitive to the components of this dermatologic preparation or when the possibility of such infection is suspected. Such disor

QUADRIDERM Cream ,tubes of 15 g and 30 g.