Therapeutic Group: Gynecological, Dermatological Drugs Chemical Composition: Hexamidine Di isethionate + Chlorhexidine Digluconate License by : Pierre Faber Dosage form: Solution
Information about CYTEAL Dosage:
To be used pure or diluted to 1/10. - Dermatology: use pure CYTEAL for cleansing followed by rinsing, or diluted to 1/10. -Gynecology: use pure CYTEAL followed by rinsing, or diluted to 1/10 as a vaginal douche. - Surgery: CYTEAL is used diluted to 1/1

For 100 ml of solution: Hexamidine di isethionate 0.100 g Chlorhxidine digluconate 0.100 g (20% solution w/v) = 0.5 ml Chlorocresol 0.300 g

Indications and usage:
Dermatology: - Acne. - Infected and superinfected dermatosis (folliculitis, eczema, pyodermatitis, impetigo) - intertrigo and cutaneous mycosis. Gynecology: - infectious, mycosic or parasitic vaginitis and vulvitis. Surgery: - Sur

bottles of 250ml